Clams Are a Sustainable Food Resource

The clams Dave’s Locker uses in our famously tasty  casinos are “quahog”(pronounced ko-hog or kwa-hawg) clams. Over 90% of the clams we use come from the state of Rhode Island. Quahog is an overall name for hard-shell clams. Depending on their size, they can also be called littlenecks, topnecks, or cherrystones. One quick trivia note… Quahogs are the official State Clam of Rhode Island.

Clams are an extremely sustainable resource. Amazingly, the available clam supply greatly exceeds demand in the case of the annual wild harvest of Rhode Island. The methods used for harvesting wild clams in Rhode Island are environmentally benign. Most clams are simply raked up!

Over 25 million clams are harvested annually in Rhode Island. At Dave’s Locker, we purchase and use almost 3% of the harvest.  (We use about 918,000 clams per year for our casinos.)

At Dave’s Locker, we know that the robust flavor of wild-caught clams is a key ingredient in our exceptionally full-flavored, superior casinos.!